Organic Patchouli
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Organic Patchouli

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Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin(Blanco) Benth.

Origin: Sri Lanka

Plant Part: Leaves

Cultivation: Certified Organic (NOP, Ecocert)

Use: Aromatherapy / Natural Perfumery / Incense. 

Note: Base Note, Outstanding Fixative

Aroma: Strongly pungent, warm, earthy-herbaceous body notes with a sweet wine-like top note. Known as one of the finest fixatives with outstanding tenacity.

Contraindications: Drug interaction, may inhibit blood clotting; please see Safety Considerations below.

Our Patchouli is a high quality oil of medium odor depth. Its aroma has strongly pungent, warm, earthy-herbaceous body notes with a sweet wine-like top note, and is highly recommended for skincare preparations. Pogostemon cablin is one of only a few plants that benefit from drying and ‘curing’ of the leaves prior to distillation, resulting in a better quality, higher yield of oil than that from fresh plant material. Among its many aromatherapeutic benefits, it is worth pointing out that Patchouli has an affinity for the skin that practically goes without saying. It is useful for skin that lacks tone, for addressing wrinkled, aging skin, and for conditions of acne, irritation, dryness, and other skin issues

Alchemies Child is a boutique artisanal brand dedicated to the daily rituals that promote transformation through intentional and purposeful use. 

Made locally in Austin, Texas 

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