Petrified Wood Tumbles
Petrified Wood Tumbles
Petrified Wood Tumbles
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Petrified Wood Tumbles

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Grounding, Nature, Transformation

Petrified Wood tells us the story of life on Earth. It is believed that this ancient stone contains all the truth and wisdom of our generous planet, that it then shares with us. Petrified Wood is thought to help deepen our connection with our ancestors, histories, and aid in past-life recall. It is even known to assist in access to the Akashic Records!

Ground yourself thoroughly to the natural world as Petrified Wood creates a firm foundation for you to build apron and grow. Holding you firmly as you release old traumas, overcome generational patterns that no longer serve you, as well as letting go of limited beliefs that may have been passed down through family lineage. Once you have cleared some space, you can now invite in the growth.

Let go of worrying about the future and trust in the divine timing to embrace you. As author Susan Gale says, “The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives…” or simply, anything worth having, is worth the wait. Petrified Wood is your perfect co-pilot on this journey!

*Fun Facts: Petrified Wood is created when decomposing wood is immersed in mineral-rich sediment and water. This mixture then undergoes an amazing alchemical process where the organic matter is replaced by a silicate like Jasper or Quartz. Over millions of years, the fossilization of the organic matter takes place, preserving amazing details like growth rings, and details of bark!

Petrified Wood Information:

Additional properties: Calm, courage, personal growth, psychic abilities, strength, vitality

Chakra association: Root, Third Eye

Astrological association: Taurus, Leo

Planet association: Earth

Elemental association: Earth

Hardness: 6.5-7

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