Pistachio Opal Freeform
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Pistachio Opal Freeform

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Bring some positive change to your life with Pistachio Opal! Pistachio Opal is a wonderfully energetic stone for new beginnings of all kinds. Folklore links Pistachio Opal to prosperity and abundance. Pistachio Opal is a wonderful heart healer in the crystal world too. Pistachio Opal is said to aid in all relationships, romantic or otherwise! Pistachio Opal is a great crystal ally during difficult periods in relationships. Pistachio Opal is said to be helpful after a relationship ends as well. Pistachio Opal is also excellent in assisting you to open your heart when you're ready for new love too. Pistachio Opal is a lovely choice if you're in need of emotional healing.

Pistachio Opal is associated with the heart and crown chakras. Green Opal is linked to the balancing sign of Libra.

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