Protect and Release Soaking Salt
Protect and Release Soaking Salt
Protect and Release Soaking Salt
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Protect and Release Soaking Salt

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"I am strong, grounded and rooted. I am surrounded with a loving and resilient, protective shield."

Made with a Black Hawaiian Sea Salt blend enhanced with magnesium flakes with an Organic blend of fractionated coconut oil, frankincense, palo santo, patchouli, lemon, Peru balsam, black spruce, and black pepper.


1. Start by setting the tone firstly with a cleansing of the space.

Gather a few candles, perhaps some black tourmaline, labradorite & shungite.

Place around the tub.

2. Fill the tub with water as hot as you prefer.

3. Pour 1/3 of your soaking salts into the water and ease your way in.

4. Once you are in a totally relaxed state, close your eyes. Envision yourself vibrating at the frequency of your greatest desires.

See yourself in a joyous state of flow.

Fully breathe in... Breathe in the new...

Fully Breathe out…. Breathe out the old.

5. Repeat this mantra between each breath. I am strong, grounded & rooted. I am surrounded by a loving and resilient energetic shield.

6. Repeat this bathing ritual for 3 days in a row.


7 oz is good for 3-4 baths 

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