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Selenite is among the ultimate stones for the crown chakra; this is the stone to use to work with the Higher Self! Selenite is useful for clearing out the no longer useful parts of one's spiritual past, and drawing in new, vital spiritual energy. For these reasons, Selenite is a great meditation crystal.

Selenite is useful for keeping both your physical body and your space clear of any negative energy. Selenite opens you up for any mystical experiences that you seek.

Named for Selene, the Moon Goddess, Selenite loves to soak up moonbeams. Selenite does dissolve in water, so remember Selene when you think about cleaning your Selenite. Moonlight, Sage, and Palo Santo are all excellent choices for cleaning your Selenite. Do clean your Selenite regularly; let the moon cycles guide you!

Place Selenite in common areas to keep your environment peaceful and balanced. Meditate with Selenite to connect with the Divine.

Selenite is linked to the nurturing astrological sign of Taurus.

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