Serpentine Tumbles
Serpentine Tumbles
Serpentine Tumbles
Serpentine Tumbles
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Serpentine Tumbles

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Balance, Cleansing, Grounding

Serpentine is a stone that helps to ground us to Mother Earth.

When we practice grounding to the earth, we are stabilized in a way that promotes growth, and vitality. This also helps us to connect with the natural beauty that is abundant all around us, deepening our connection with all living things. This grounding stone is said to help with releasing repetitive patterns that no longer serve us, by awakening the serpent energy deep within us all. And if you are someone who struggles with feeling out of place, Serpentine can provide you with a much larger sense of connection.

If you're into doing some serious chakra work, Serpentine is here to guide you deep within. Connected to all chakras, Serpentine is said to clear and open these energy centers of the body. If you are someone who works with Kundalini energy, Serpentine is a must have!

Serpentine Information:

Additional properties: Nature, personal growth, psychic abilities, spiritual growth, vitality

Chakra association: All 

Astrological association: Virgo

Planet association: Earth

Elemental association: Earth

Hardness: 2.2-5.5

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