Shungite Heart
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Shungite Heart

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Shungite is a stone of renewal and rebirth. Shungite assists in your ability to change destructive emotional patterns so that you can move forward with self-awareness and confidence.

Shungite is a stone of mental clarity, and physical clearing. If you pick up on a lot of negativity from your environment, you might want to pick up some Shungite instead!

Shungite clears for a reason though, a purpose. Shungite not only facilitates deep healing and growth, but allows for profound spiritual awareness and transformation.

Some folks actually like to use Shungite not just to clear their physical and emotional beings, but their environment as well. Shungite is considered by many to be useful in deflecting electromagnetic frequencies from such devices as cellphones and computers.

This stone is a shop favorite for so very many reasons!

Shungite corresponds to all chakras, and all astrological signs.

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